Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Measuring the permeability of gas diffusion media used in fuel cells

HYDROGEN CELL PERMEABILITYThe Versaperm MK VI meter is ideal for evaluating the gas permeability of battery and fuel cell components and materials. It can measure the permeability for most gases, including the methanol used in direct methanol type fuel cells, as well as for hydrogen, oxygen and hydrocarbons.

The permeability of the components of a fuel cell are amongst the most critical factors relating to the use of the cell. fuel cells produce electricity from a fuel on the anode side and an oxidant on the cathode side, these react in the presence of the electrolyte.

Numerous combinations of fuel and oxidant are possible. Hydrogen cells use hydrogen as fuel as well as oxygen / air for oxidation. Other fuels include hydrocarbon, alcohol. Chlorine and CO2 are common oxidants.

Versaperm equipment can quickly and accurately measures the permeability of the components and materials in the cell against these (and other) gases.

For companies where the throughput is not high enough to warrant dedicated equipment, we provide a laboratory testing service.

Testing the permeability of fuel cell materials and componentsClick here for Wikipedia's fuel cell page.