Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

The Versaperm MK VI - MS (Mass Spectrometer)


Vapour permeability measurementThe Versaperm Permeability Meter Mk VI MS (Mass Spectrometer) is a versatile, sensitive and accurate permeability measuring instrument for determining the vapour permeability of almost any material. Its versatility is evident by the wide range of applications and industries in which it is used.

Instrument Overview

The Versaperm Permeability Meter Mk VI Mass Spec typically operates by the swept gas method. The sample is clamped in a two-part chamber with the gas under test on one side, all within a temperature controlled environment. the gas permeates through the barrier and t is transported to the mass spectrometer unit. The concentration of the gas is then converted to permeation units and the result displayed on the instrument screen and can be networked for remote collection of information.

Diffusion Chambers

For flat samples, such as films, foils, paper samples and rigid materials, diffusion chambers are fitted to the instrument. The diffusion chamber is divided into upper and lower parts by the test specimen. The chamber may be configured for any thickness of sample, and collars supplied when the thickness or porosity of the sample causes lateral permeation. Any number of chambers may be fitted into an instrument, and a wide range of surface area chambers can be supplied. . There are various or clamping systems options.

Remote Chamber Configuration

Where it is necessary to place the sample chamber in a remote location, for example a freezer, kiln or pressure chamber, a remote option is available. The remote chamber is supplied in an open frame and piped to the main instrument.

Mass Spectrometer Sensor

The use of a mass spectrometer in this instrument increases the sensitivity and range of the system. For most gases, the sensitivity is about 100 ppb with a standard single filter quadrupole, and 5ppb with a triple filter quadrupole. The mass spectrometer has a range of 200, 300, 500 or 1000 amu depending on the option selected. This versatile equipment can measure the vapour permeability of almost any gas or vapour and allows the measurement of multiple gas permeations at one time - for example to investigate the effect of one gas on the permeation rate of another.MKVI MS Oven version

Design Considerations

  • Considerable development work has been undertaken, improving the ease of use and reliability of the instrument

  • The gas flow control is entirely automated

  • The entire instrument is controlled by a  computer that is built into the instrument. This operates on custom-produced Labview software running on the Microsoft Windows operating system and is compatible with most existing systems. The instrument can be configured for networking to a laboratory management system, or linked to a printer for data output

  • User interaction is facilitated by a large computer touchscreen, allowing both control and data display and output

  • The instrument has been designed along strongly modular lines, to facilitate the incorporation of  numerous options to meet each customer's needs.


Technical Specifications

The instrument offers the following useful attributes:

Fast Measurement Time.

  • Once the film and chamber have reached equilibrium at a temperature, the reading can be complete in a matter of minutes

  • Measurement times are governed entirely by the time required to reach equilibrium conditions in the test specimen

High Sensitivity.

  • The system is extremely sensitive with results measure in the Parts Per Million (PPM) and Parts per Billion (PPB) ranges


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