Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

The Versaperm O2 and CO2 vapour permeability of bottles measurement system


triple chamber vapour permeability measurementsThe Versaperm O2 and CO2 vapour permeability of bottles measurement system builds on the robust and reliable characteristics of the previous versions, yet achieves greater levels of automation and ease of use for the customer, coupled with high precision, accuracy and repeatability. This permeability meter has been specially designed to ensure a quick, easy and gas-tight attachment of a bottle directly to the instrument.

The system was developed as it can take just twelve weeks for a fizzy drink in a plastic bottle to lose some 15 percent of its carbon dioxide sparkle.  This degrades the taste, the experience and the shelf-life. 


One of the hallmarks of the instrument is the versatility, in that it can be used to measure the flow of O2 or CO2 into a bottle, or using a Bottle Chamber, the flow of O2 or CO2 out of the bottle. While the former method is more commonly used, the latter method can be applied to measuring filled bottles straight off the production line.


The original permeability meter was developed for measuring packaging materials with very low gas permeability transmission rates but less efficient barriers can also be measured with speed and accuracy. The ability to measure films is retained as a useful aid to calibration.

Technical Specifications

The O2 & CO2 vapour permeability of fizzy drinksa. Computerised Control

The computerised control of the instrument allows for the automation of many parts of the process. Customised software is written for each instrument, which can be tailored to suit each customer's requirements. The simple-to-use interface via the systems large touch-screen is highly intuitive

b. Wide Range of Measurement Conditions.

Chamber temperature is typically controlled to 0.1°C from ambient +3°C to 50°C. Indicated temperature is accurate to 0.5°C. A chiller module is available as an option.

c. Versatility

As different drinks require different permeabilities you can use the system to develop the best combination of materials for your specific products. For example, colas have around half the carbonation of ginger ale and different laminated products need to be used to optimise their containers.

d. Bespoke

This Versaperm Permeability Meter is not mass-produced, as are some of the instruments on the market. Each system is carefully designed and manufactured to meet the customer's precise and individual specifications and requirements. While this document describes common choices and some of the proven design options, we can leverage our experience to produce a completely new design where this is required.


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