Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Optical fibres


Vapour permeability of optical fibresNo matter if you are using optical fibres for transferring data long distances (especially under water where lifetime and signal attenuation are critically important) or are using them as a sensor (for example in an oil well for gas analysis or to measure temperature or pressure) the property that is critical to its use is its vapour permeability.  And this is where Versaperm equipment can make a huge difference.

The strength of polymer coated fibres depends on the water at the polymer/glass interface, and so the coatings needs to provide mechanical protection, but also reduce the level of moisture that permeates through any coatings. 

It is generally accepted that the coated fibre's lifespan will increase if the rate at which water vapour permeates is reduced.   These two factors need to be taken together if the life and efficiency of the optical cable is to be optimised.

The optic fibre industry is valued at several hundred million dollars a year just for sensing applications in the petroleum industry.  Unfortunately the vapour permeability of an optic fibre is difficult to measure using conventional techniques and some people have relied on the published values for flat samples - and ignored the manufacturing process which can change this value by a factor of at least four times.  Fortunately, Versapem's new permeability meter can measure the permeability of a fibre quickly and with an accuracy well into the Parts Per Million (PPM) range.

optic fibreThe system is simple and to use and requires, at most, minimal training.  It also requires little or no re-calibration.  Some results can be produced in just a few hours. The highly automated equipment can optionally be configured to measure permeability against a variety of gasses, including all of the ones critical to the various uses of optical fibres.  Measurements can be made against almost all gasses including hydrogen, hydrocarbons, oxygen, carbon dioxide, helium and water vapour. 

We offer both a laboratory testing service and technical consultancy fin this area      

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