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A bright spark or a damp squib?
Electronics and Water Vapour don’t mix

Electronics and Water Vapour don’t mix

Mixing electronics with water is a sure recipe for disaster.  The problem is that, although it is relatively easy to make things proof against water as a liquid, it is impossible to keep it out as a vapour.  It permeates through plastics, joints and seals, sometimes quite easily. And once it is through it condenses and can cause no end of problems. 

This problem has caused both missiles and computers to crash.  It can’t be 100% resolved but it can be drastically eliminated with the latest, ultra-precise, vapour permeability measurement system from Versaperm.  Some sealing materials, such as silicone, EVOH or PVOH for example, can be so vapour permeable that they almost might as well might not be there!

It works on either samples of the materials you use or the cases, seals or finished products themselves. It can even conduct tests under a range of pressure (up to 80 Barr), temperature, ( -80 to over 1000 C ),  vapour saturation or cycles, such as diurnal or seasonal.

It can optionally measure the vapour permeability for any other gas as sometimes electronics are required to work in harsh or caustic environments.

Results are typically accurate in the Parts Per Million (PPM) to Parts Per Billion (PPB) ranges depending on the materials and it can even measure multiple components, samples, seals and enclosures at the same time.  It can control environmental conditions and cycling.

Measuring assembled electronics systems can be particularly important because processes, such as thermoforming, extruding, moulding, heating, sealing or pressure can all dramatically change their ability to keep water vapour out.

Versaperm also offers a laboratory service for companies that only need to test samples on an irregular basis.


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