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Cosmetics problems?
....... ignore permeability at your peril

    Cosmetics problems- ignore vapour permeability at your peril


Permeability problems, including degraded products, "off" smells, reduced aromas, skin issues and reduced shelf life are all caused when the ingress or evaporation of gases such as oxygen and water vapour are not properly controlled. The problem can lie in either the product or its container packaging.

The answer lies in Versaperm's latest vapour permeability equipment with its mass-spectroscopy, and other, analysis sensors.

Vapour permeability regulates the flow of moisture, oxygen and other vapours.  It regulates the cosmetic's delicate unsaturated lipid bonds, which can easily turn rancid creating unpleasant smells.  It also affects the growth of the micro-organisms that degrade the product and reduce quality.  Sadly these demands often compete with each other.

Versaperm's latest multi-gas permeability measurement equipment allows developers and manufacturing houses to measure all of the gases individually, but with just a single test.  It can do this under a wide range of temperature and environmental conditions and can test both the product and packaging as well as the effect of the manufacturing techniques and the materials or ingredients used. 

Blow moulded packaging, for example, can decrease packaging effectiveness by a factor of four.  This makes a dramatic difference, particularly for aromatic volatiles and moisturisers

Versaperm's system can measure the vapour permeability of cosmetics, materials, tubes, vials, thermoformed pots, bottles, sachets, foils, laminates, films and other barriers.  It can do for multiple gases at the same time with an accuracy ifor each gas typical in the PPM (Parts Per Million) to PPB ranges.



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