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Fizzy drinks The flavour & shelf life changes between a plastic bottle and a can

 vapour permeqability Fizzy drinks The flavour & shelf life changes between a plastic bottle and a can
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Pharmaceutical and medical contamination arises in two separate ways after a product has been made ready for distribution.  Not only do the seals (usually elastomer) in valve delivery systems allow contamination to enter through the material of the seal, but it can also enter through the material the pack, blister or casing of the product itself. This one of the main causes of reduced shelf life, decreasing potency and quality loss. Perhaps most critically it can also lead to allergic reactions.

Versaperm has developed a new multi-chamber instrument that allows you to identify and correct problems by measuring the permeability of both the seal and the complete package.  The system works as well on finished products as it does on anything from a single tablet in a unitary dose (blister) pack to a clean peel system, an asthma inhaler, syringe or any other packaged medical or pharmaceutical product.

The permeability measurement system is typically accurate to a few Parts Per Million or better (Parts Per Billion for some materials and gases). 

It can measure the vapour permeability of almost any material for water vapour (which is the world's most damaging contaminant) along with almost any other gas or vapour.  Unlike conventional gravimetric measurements, which takes days or even weeks, the Versaperm system can produce some results in as little as 30 minutes for some materials.  This speeds the never-ending quest for quality control and effective packaging with new marketing and technical features. 

The new instrument can measure several samples at a time and, as well as the equipment, Versaperm additionally offers a fast turnaround laboratory testing service.


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