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Fruit and veg respire to survive

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Even after harvesting, vegetables and fruits go on living. They continue to respire and to keep them fresh you need to keep them doing so for as long as you can. This means matching the oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapour permeabilities of any containers and packaging to the specific fruit or veg.

For optimal storage and display life you need to measure the respiration rates for all of these gases (as well as the levels of the plant hormone ethylene), and match them to the permeabilities of the packaging.  To do this you need Versaperm’s dedicated plant respiration meter.

Once harvested, plants and fruit can only stay fresh as long as respiration continues.  With no access to new nutrients, produce can only stay fresh until the nutrients are used up, after that they deteriorate.

Versaperm meters can help you match respiration to the vapour permeabilities of the critical gases through the packaging.  A close match leads to a significant life extension of freshness, shelf-life, quality and taste. 

Versaperm has designed and manufactured a plant respiration system specifically for this.  It allows users to measure the precise rates of CO2, O2 and water vapour production under a range of temperatures and simulated day/night cycles. It provides real-time measurements for loose fruit and vegetables and can even produce results when they are inside their packaging! – or even in a chilled cabinet.

Every type of fruit and vegetable has different requirements.  What is best for one may actually damage another. The simple-to-use Versaperm meter allows companies to optimised packaging, improve quality and extend shelf life.

Versaperm offers a consultancy and measurement service for both respiration rates and vapour / gas permeability testing.


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