Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Full of Fashion but Nothing to Wear?
Breathability testing for high performance textiles

Full of Fashion but Nothing to Wear- vapour permeability testing     Full of Fashion but Nothing to Wear- vapour permeability testing

The technical demands of all materials are increasing, from fashion and activewear, to technical textiles and airship bags, the demands are virtually the same.  In dirigibles the need is for airtightness, and in fashion and sports it’s breathability.  Two ends of the same spectrum, and both needs can only be met with fast, accurate vapour permeability testing.  And that’s where Versaperm comes in.

The latest Versaperm digital mass-spectrometry permeability testing system meets both demands.  It can test water permeability (breathability) for clothing and hydrogen / helium permeability for airships – and every gas in between for other material’s specifications.  It can even test multiple textiles at the same time.

The equipment is simple to use and can be used for both product development and for the quality control of fabrics and garments.  Plus, it measures to accuracies that are measured in the Parts Per Million (PPM) or Parts Per Billion (PPB) ranges.  Testing with the Versaperm system is fast – usually taking just a few hours. 

Once development is completed it may be useful, for marketing and compliance reasons to demonstrate that the fabric complies against the historical ISO standard (15496:2004), and so Versaperm also produces a gravimetric system for this purpose as well. ISO testing takes weeks or months compared to the few hours for Versaperm’s instrumental testing.

For companies not wishing to own their own systems, Versaperm also offers a fast-turn-around laboratory service and a consultancy. 


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