Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Fuel, water and Vapour Permeability Testing for the Automotive industry

Testing for the Automotive industry

The safety and efficiency of all vehicles hinges significantly upon the vapour permeabilities of its fuel system, emissions control and materials selection. Versaperm’s innovative, high-speed, multi-vapour, multi-chamber meter is designed to determine this crucial aspect for any material, component, pipe, seal, or even complete system.

Versaperm's cutting-edge technology enables comprehensive testing of various automotive vapours, including hydrocarbons, water, CO2, and refrigerants, as well as for all other legally permissible gases.*  Notably, the meter can assess the individual vapour permeability of multiple gases simultaneously, providing a holistic understanding from a single overall measurement. Moreover, the multi-chamber option provides concurrent testing of several materials or components at a time, enhancing efficiency and throughput.

The speed and accuracy of measurements achieved by Versaperm's meters are unparalleled, operating within the Parts Per Million to Parts Per Billion ranges, depending on the material and vapour under examination. Versaperm's versatility extends to environmental control, with capabilities to adjust temperature and pressure as required.

The significance of measuring the permeability of fabricated components and systems cannot be overstated, as manufacturing processes such as thermoforming, extruding, moulding, heating, or pressurization can dramatically alter a unit's permeability, often by up to 400%.

For fuel system integrity, vapour permeability testing helps assess components such as fuel tanks, hoses, seals and connectors. The rate at which fuel vapours permeate through these controls integrity.  This allows leaks and fuel evaporation to be minimized.

In modern vehicles, strict emissions regulations require the effective control of evaporation. Testing allows vehicle manufacturers to evaluate and control the permeation rates of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from fuel and other automotive fluids.

Versaperm's commitment to innovation is exemplified by its in-house design, development, and manufacturing of vapour testing equipment. Trusted by companies, universities and national standards laboratories worldwide, Versaperm's meters uphold the highest standards of reliability and precision.  In addition to advanced equipment, Versaperm offers a laboratory-based testing service tailored to companies with periodic testing needs.


* Poisonous, and radiogenic gasses and vapours can only be used or measured under strictly controlled legal conditions

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