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FOOD – stopping the rotting

Permeability testing to reduce food rotting and waste
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Several billion pounds worth of food is simply thrown away in the UK each year because it has started to go off.   It isn’t hard to delay the process – usually by between 300 & 800%, e.g. for fruit and vegetables, but there is a problem. 
The very packaging that can keep mushrooms and cheese fresh longer, makes cakes go stale and ruins chocolate, and the best packaging for onions will actually causes stress, taints and “off” flavours for strawberries.  The devil is in the detail and in the measuring and QC of the detail.  And that’s where Versaperm comes in.
Versaperm has introduced several substantial upgrades to its test equipment and sensor range to measure, precisely, the properties that cause or prevent rot.  The decisive factors are the packaging’s permeability to water and a relatively few specific gases including Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen or CO2. 
Using the correct packaging preserves foods and keeps them fresher, but traditionally the measurement of this takes weeks - but now, with Versaperm’s the new Permeability meter, it can be measured in as little as 30 minutes for some materials and gases. 
Versaperm’s system is usually (depending on the gas and material) accurate in the parts per million range.  It offers automated control and can cope with several samples at a time.   It can test both the packaging material and the finished package and options are available that can test any or all of the critical vapours.

Versaperm also offers a comprehensive permeability laboratory testing service - usually with a 24 hour turn around.


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