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Vapour permeaqbility testing for Freezer Burn
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Versaperm has introduced two ways to help eliminate the problem of freezer burn meat, fish, pizzas and other frozen foods.

The company has introduced a new instrument – the WVTR MK VI – to measure the water vapour permeability of packaging materials – which are the cause of freezer burn. Versaperm has also introduced a testing service for when the volume of testing is insufficient to require dedicated equipment.

Freezer burn is caused by water vapour escaping from the product’s frozen surface and migrating through the packaging. It causes an unsightly and unappetising brown stain or appears as a fuzzy, greyish-white spot on the food. Though not usually harmful, it causes off-flavours and both dries out and toughens the food - which then has to be discarded for quality reasons. Most plastics are impermeable to water as a liquid, but all allow water vapour to pass through to varying degrees.

The only way to check is to test your packaging. Fortunately Versaperm is a world leader in this area and its highly sensitive and accurate equipment can produce a reading, sometimes in as little as 30 minutes.

Conventional measurements of vapour permeability take days, or even weeks.

Water vapour measurements are crucial in almost every area of food processing – it causes cornflakes to go soggy, cake mix to congeal, equipment to fail, pies to crumble and it can substantially reduce the shelf life of many products. It is one of the most wide spread causes of product failure on everything from missiles to pizzas. In all of these cases Versaperm can help!

As well as water vapour the Versaperm WMTV Mk VI can be configured to measure the permeability of most other gases.


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