Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Vapour Permeability testing service - fast, accurate instrumental techniques and/or ISO standards-based


Our vapour permeability testing service laboratory has almost certainly already tested many samples like yours - no matter what your application is or how complex is the material, sample, product, component, film, coating, laminate, packaging, enclosure or unit to be measured.

We maintain strict confidentiality regarding each customer sample, but our detailed vapour permeability testing experience, passed down over nearly four decades, equips us to choose and use the best technique to measure the permeability of your samples both quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

Vapour permeability is the critical characteristic in many applications as it affects not just the flow and distribution of vapour, but also the material or component's physical characteristics - including strength, handling, printability and durability.

Most foods and pharmaceuticals require packaging that controls the flow of vapour to achieve the desired quality, safety and shelf life. In clothing it determines breathability and greatly affects the comfort of the wearer, especially during outdoor activity. The building, automotive, aerospace, marine and electronics industries, amongst many others, demand materials with precisely controlled vapour permeability.

Permeability is a measure of the rate at which a vapour (often water vapour, but we can test against virtually any gas) can flow through a material. Different techniques can give widely varying results so it is crucial that any testing facility fully understands the science and the specific application. We offer numerous instrumental and gravimetric techniques.

We can provide testing with respect to almost any non-proscribed gas or vapour, though amongst the most common are water vapour, hydrocarbons, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, helium and carbon dioxide. We can also provide radon testing as well as for supercritical CO2.

Versaperm instruments and vapour permeability testing services are widely used in everything from aerospace to food and pharmaceutical industries and from packaging to electronics, building, textiles, paper, geo-membranes and across an enormous range of other industries and applications. Our equipment is also used in Universities and National Standards Laboratories across the world.

We also offer a materials based technical advisory service for companies with problems with permeability or the manufacturing, laminating and forming processes they use.

Vapour permeability sensors

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