Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Gravimetric Permeability Measurements

Gravimetric Permeability measurement ISO15496In some applications, permeability measurements have to be produced gravimetrically - some formal standards demand this. Our Gravimetric permeability measurement system is designed to meet this need and is designed around a high quality solid acrylic water bath which reduces critical thermal losses.

For example, the instrument on the right involves a specialised acrylic water bath explicitly designed to comply with textiles standard ISO15496. This method is used for measuring water vapour permeability of permeable fabrics, and represents an alternative to instrumental techniques.

The accuracy of gravimetric testing is a function of time and partially a function of the care taken in preparing the samples. To improve this process we produce cups for gravimetric measurements. These are made from stainless steel or anodised aluminium and are sealed using finger screws, simplifying sample preparation and eliminating wax sealing. For instances where the method demands wax sealing, we sell a grade of wax that provides an excellent water vapour barrier (see consumables).

This equipment provides the ability to perform breathability testing on fabrics and textiles such as Gore-TexTM.