Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Advanced Semi-Permeable Membranes
& improving their performance

Advanced Semi-Permeable Membranes & improving their performance

Semi-permeable membranes and filters have become ubiquitous.  They are used in everything from processing foods and drinks to cleaning up oil spills, and from sports clothing, industrial processing and kidney dialysis through to using supercritical CO2 to decaffeinate coffee. Analysing the effectiveness and choosing the best materials for a membrane, filter or barrier is complex.  But the new MS Vapour Permeability Meter from Versaperm makes the process much faster and simpler.   

The Versaperm equipment can accurately measure the vapour permeability of membranes and other filters under a huge range of conditions. High and low pressures, extreme temperatures to over 1000C or under -150C, over environmental cycles etc. It can determine it for almost every vapour or mixture of gases, including water vapour, hydrocarbons, oxygen, carbon, dioxide etc..

The need for advanced technologies to produce ultra-pure pharmaceutical, food and other products has led to a rapid rise in the use of supercritical CO2. The Versaperm system can even measure the permeability of gases in their supercritical states. Which, conventionally, is difficult.

Versaperm’s permeability meter is highly automated and can process multiple samples at a time.  This control means operators need, at most, minimal training.  Accuracies depend on sensors, gases and materials but are usually accurate in the PPM (Parts Per Million) range) to PPB ranges.

The system can be used across an unprecedented variety of applications where it characterises an ever-expanding range of materials, compounds, containers, products and laminates.

Versaperm also offers a sample and product testing service to companies who only need occasional permeability measurements.



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