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Packaging Permeability Testing

Food packaging permeability measurement
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Food packaging leaks.  It is just a matter of by how much and what.  Different foods needs wildly differing storage conditions to keep them fresh, extend their shelf-life and boost quality.  Some foods need to keep water vapour out (or in), some need it to flow.  Some vegetables need a barrier against Oxygen (O2), Nitrogen (N2 or CO2.  But for some the conditions need to be very different.

Permeability leader Versaperm has introduced a sensitive new instrument that can test all of these and more. 

Food packaging materials are critically dependant on the specific contents they need to preserve.  Many foods simply do not use the best material.   As a result packaging allows too much (or too little) O or CO2 to escape, leading to oxygen concentrations that cause stress, taints and fermented “off” flavours.  All of these directly reduce shelf life and some lead to health hazards.

Conventional gravimetric measurements of packaging permeability takes days or even weeks, but the Versaperm equipment gives much faster results, sometimes in as little as 30 minutes.  The measurements are also significantly more repeatable and accurate (usually in the parts per million range), as well as being far less prone to sealing problems.

The Versaperm system offers an automated computerised control to cope with several samples at a time.   It can test both the packaging material and the finished package.

Versaperm also offers a comprehensive permeability laboratory testing service - usually with a 24 hour turn around.


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