Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Building Airtightness and Vapour Permeability

    Building Airtightness and Vapour Permeability


Versaperm has introduced a multi-purpose system which can measure both the airtightness and/or the vapour permeability of the building materials, structures, barrier layers or coatings that are used in roofs, walls, floors etc.  Although both measurements relate to permeability, they are very different and must comply with separate building regulations and guidelines.  

The system can also measure CO2 flow.  This needs to be controlled through most parts of a building, but particularly through floors, cellulose-insulated wall structures without vapour barriers and concrete buildings, to check the moisture and CO2 balance of air in bedrooms or overcrowded spaces and, additionally as a guard against soil capping.

These measurements regulate a building’s environment which, in turn, relates to the health of the building and the people inside it (asthma, mites, damp, rot etc.).  The new equipment gives precise measurements at lower costs than conventional testing and can be brought as a standalone system or accessed via a Versaperm-based laboratory testing service.

Moreover, these critical measurements can be made under a wide range of climatic and environmental conditions – such as varying temperature and humidity.  The system can even simulate diurnal and seasonal cycles under various climate and warming scenarios.

Understanding the ways materials respond is needed both for compliance with legislation, for lowering heating and cooling costs, and reduced mould growth or rot. 

Results from the Versaperm’s new system are typically accurate in the parts per million range and it can optionally measure vapour permeability not just for air and water vapour and CO2 but for oxygen, automotive fumes, other hydrocarbons, and virtually any other non-proscribed gas or vapour.


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