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Burning Food Profits In The Freezer

Permeability and Burning Food Profits In The Freezer
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Freezing some foods all too frequently causes them to "burn". Freezer burn forms unsightly brown stains and fuzzy, greyish-white spots on refrigerated food such as meat, fish, pizzas and frozen meals.  Although not harmful it is unsightly and unsaleable.  The cause is dehydration and oxidation - simply because water vapour escapes or permeates through the packaging.  Versaperm's latest ISO 9001 vapour permeability measurement equipment allows you to measure this and choose packaging materials that overcome your specific problems.

Different food products need different packaging – which often needs to be suitable to protect both against freezer burn while in the freezer and to preserve or extend shelf life while on display – and these two needs can be contradictory.

Although most plasticised packaging is a good barrier against liquid water, it is often very poor at preventing vapour loss - and this that leads to freezer burn.  For example while cellulose based materials are excellent liquid barriers they provide virtually no barrier against water vapour which can pass through with ease.  Even the processes through which packaging is manufactured can make a radical difference to its performance.

The way to beat the problem is to test the packaging material and the way it seals.  Versaperm specialises in this area and not only manufactures the specialist equipment needed, but also offer a laboratory testing service to measure it.

Versaperm's WVTR (Water Vapour Transition Rate) meter is versatile, fast, reliable and gives accurate results - usually in the Parts Per Million (PPM) range and it can be used to test virtually any type of packaging with, at most, minimal training. 


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