Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Controlling transpiration and respiration rates
dramatically increases the shelf life of fruit and vegetables

Controlling transpiration and respiration rates

Even after they are picked, fruit and vegetables both transpire and respire. This dramatically reduces shelf life. It degrades texture, appearance, chemistry and freshness. However, you can substantially reduce this by controlling the amounts of various vapours the produce can access through the packaging.   Versaperm’s latest respiration / permeability meter can do this faster and more accurately than ever before.

The meter measures the respiration rates of fruit and vegetables.  It can optionally also measure the vapour permeabilities of any packaging material with respect to all of the many gases that are involved with preserving produce.  These include oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene, water vapour and the many other gases, aromatics and trace elements involved. It can measure the individual values for each of these at the same time.

Transpiration is the process where fresh fruits and vegetables lose moisture, it causes as shrivelling and impairs flavours taste and texture. Respiration is a caused by converting sugars and oxygen into carbon dioxide, water and heat all of which can reduce shelf-life.

All type of produce requires is different, and a package that is perfect for one item can be disastrous for another.  Even varieties of the same fruit or vegetable are usually different.

Versaperm has designed and manufactured its plant respiration system specifically for this.  It allows the user to measure the precise transpiration and respiration rates under a range of conditions, and even under diurnal cycles. It provides real-time measurements for loose fruit and vegetables and can even measure them when they are inside their packaging! – including when they are in a chilled cabinet

Versaperm’s respiration meter is simple to use and provides accurate real-time results that can be recorded and displayed on the instrument’s touch-screen for further analysis. Optionally the instrument can also measure the concentration of virtually any other gas including the plant hormone and ripening agent ethylene, at temperatures between -20oC and +65oC.

The system has a highly automated computerised control and, as well as the instrument, Versaperm offers a consultancy and measurement service for both respiration rates and vapour / gas permeability testing.



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