Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Cutting-Edge Confectionery Freshness, Quality and Shelf Life

Cutting-Edge Confectionery Freshness, Quality, and Shelf Life

Confectionery enthusiasts rejoice at Versaperm’s groundbreaking solution to combat the age-old adversaries of water vapour and oxygen. These culprits, known for making cakes lose their freshness and to biscuits turn soft, are now met head-on with a revolutionary, albeit straightforward, hi-tech device designed to measure vapour permeation rates through coatings, edible films, barriers, and packaging. Versaperm's innovation empowers confectionery manufacturers to optimize their products for unparalleled freshness, quality and shelf life.

Traditional challenges of shelf life are being shattered with some products experiencing a fivefold increase, and as a bonus, the system can also contribute to maintaining the quality of print on any packaging materials.

The Versaperm MS (Mass Spectrometer) is a game-changer, measuring permeability not only for water vapour and oxygen but also for any combination of gases in a single, efficient measurement. This versatile system is applicable to all confectionery, packaging materials, and products, including coatings and edible films. A multi-chamber system enables simultaneous measurement of permeability for various confectionery products, enhancing efficiency in testing.

The Versaperm MS is synonymous with speed, reliability, and user-friendliness, delivering precise results in the parts per million or parts per billion ranges. Offering control over temperature, pressure, and environmental factors, the system can assess diverse materials such as metalized foil packages, sachets, sugar, starch, molecular coatings, and edible films. Additionally, it enables users to determine the equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) of products, especially those prone to decomposition using alternative measuring techniques.

Beyond manufacturing cutting-edge instruments, Versaperm extends its expertise through technical consultancy and permeability testing services. This ensures that companies requiring occasional testing of packaging or materials can benefit from Versaperm's industry-leading solutions without the need for a dedicated instrument.

Versaperm's commitment to transforming the confectionery landscape with freshness, quality, and extended shelf life marks a new era for the industry.

Versaperm is a pioneering force in permeability testing and analysis, offering innovative solutions to elevate confectionery freshness, quality, and shelf life. Through cutting-edge technology and expert services, Versaperm continues to redefine industry standards and provide tailored solutions for confectionery manufacturers worldwide.


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