Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Enhanced coatings and paper performance
500% improvement!

    Enhanced coatings and paper performance


Over £20 billion is spent each year on paper and paper coatings and the end results, from print quality to texture and strength, are all controlled by vapour permeability. The problem is that actually applying a coating commonly pushes it 500% or more out of spec due to defects such as foam streaks, pinholes and pits. This is a serious quality problem, fortunately Versaperm can provide an answer.

The issue is especially true for modern, environmentally sensitive, biopolymer coatings.

The easiest way to quantify and quality control the process is simply to measure the vapour permeability (usually H2O vapour).  To do this specialist company Versaperm has introduced a range of dedicated equipment based on its advanced permeability measurement and sensor ranges.

Modern computerised control means the Versaperm systems require, at most, minimal training to produce results with accuracies in the Parts Per Million (PPM) range, or even Parts Per Billion (PPB) for some applications.

The physical characteristics of papers or card materials are primarily created by the coating’s vapour permeability.  Versaperm systems are capable of testing this permeability for up to six coatings, samples, components or products at a time, sometimes taking as little as 30 minutes. 

The equipment can measure permeability not just for water vapour but for almost every other gas or vapour.  In addition to measuring coatings it can determine the permeability of films, laminates, foils and even finished, filled cartons.

Versaperm also offers consultancy and laboratory services for companies that only need samples tested on an irregular basis.   


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