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Fuel cell efficiency boost
The critical role of vapour permeability

    Fuel cells and vapour permeability


The most critical part of a fuel cell, which effectively controls its efficiency, is the membrane between the anode and the cathode.  Usually protons flow through the electrolyte / membrane whilst electrons travel through an external circuit, creating the cell’s electric current. The permeability of the membrane is the efficiency key to this process and Versaperm specialise in measuring this permeability.

Also important are the gaskets which provide a seal around the cell to prevent the leakage of gases and the rate of this, again, is controlled by the permeability.

Versaperm’s introduction of a mass-spectroscopy vapour permeability-based instrument offers a precise measurement of permeability for any gas or combination of gasses with just a single measurement. These includes the vapours from the fuel in the cell uses, the electrolyte, plus the ionic and other compounds created within the unit - such as hydrogen, oxygen, hydrocarbons such as natural gas, biogas, water vapou rand CO2. The system can either be used on the membranes or gaskets themselves,  sample of the materials they are made from, or even on the complete fuel cell to check for overall permeability issues.

The system is fast, reliable and very easy to use. It produces results that are accurate in the parts per million (PPM) to parts per billion (PPB) ranges.  Where desired the equipment can also control temperature, pressure and other environmental factors.

A multi-chamber option allows measurements to be taken on multiple membranes, gaskets or cells at the same time.  This gives designers and manufacturers the ability to test potential materials quickly and then fine-tune or optimise compounds and membrane structures.  

As well as manufacturing the instruments, Versaperm offers a technical consultancy service plus a permeability testing service for companies that need to test packaging or materials on an irregular basis.


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