Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Helium permeability - a noble test

Helium permeability - a noble test

Helium is essential – it is used in everything from MRI scanners to satellites, from semiconductor chips to optical fibres and from arc welding to textiles and airships. However, the world supply has been uncertain and, added to that, helium is exceptionally good at permeating through containers and escaping.

Measuring the rate of permeation through materials and containers is a indispensable part of using and containing this precious resource.  At Versaperm we have introduced a dedicated helium meter to do just this.

The system measures to an accuracy in the parts per million (PPM) to PPB range.  Results are very precise and highly repeatable.  The equipment works on both flat samples and fully formed components.  These includes multiple compound materials laminates and barriers, films, textiles, enclosures and finished products.  It can measure several samples or items at a time and under a wide range of temperatures, pressures and environmental conditions.

Versaperm also produces a mass spectrometer-based version of the meter which can measure vapour permeability for any non-proscribed gas or gas mixture.  It also operates across a wide range of pressures, partial pressures, temperatures, and even into supercritical areas. 

As well as designing, manufacturing and supplying the equipment to industries and National Standards agencies around the world, Versaperm offers laboratory testing and consultancy services


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