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Hydrogen permeates through metals
From electronics to MRIs and jet engines

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Many critical applications use both rare and common metals, but metals have a very wide range of permeabilities to hydrogen. For example, palladium and niobium are highly permeable, but molybdenum and tungsten are both good barriers.  Vapour permeation leads to real problems but also adds high functionality to systems – but it needs to be closely controlled.  Versaperm has the answer.

Vapour sensitive applications for niobium and palladium alone range from MRI and NMR equipment, jet engines, steel beams, oil rigs, electronic components and catalytic converters through to dental fillings. Some hydrogen metal applications demand a high permeation rates – such as metallic filters for chemical processes including water desalinisation.

To overcome problems and to boost functionality, Versaperm has introduced both a specific Hydrogen tester and a multi-gas, multi-application, multi-environment system, both measure the vapour permeability of materials, products, samples or components against Hydrogen but the multi-gas version can additionally measure any other gas as well*.  Vapour permeability is often critically important, especially  as manufacturing processes such as heating, bending or thermoforming can alter it by several hundred percent.

The Versaperm system is quick and simple to use.  It can test and measure vapour permeabilities for metals, filters, diaphragms, material samples or product including films, laminates, formed components and seals.

Hydrogen permeates through many non-metallic materials in the molecular (diatomic) form.  However, in structural metals hydrogen permeates through as atomic hydrogen. and this can result in a wide range of hydrogen permeabilities.

Versaperm also offers a laboratory testing service.


*  Proscribed, dangerous and poisonous gasses can only be used or measured in specially licenced facilities.

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