Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Improving Building Performance Airtightness and Vapour

Improving Building Performance Airtightness and Vapour

Ensuring compliance with building regulations demands accurate assessment of a building's materials for airtightness and vapour permeability. The latest innovation from Versaperm, the Vapour Permeability and Airtightness meter, enables just that. And it is fully compliant with BS EN 12114.

Results from Versaperm's dual system are typically delivered with precision in the parts per million range for vapour permeability and 1% for building airtightness. Moreover, it offers the optional capability to measure vapour permeability not only for air and water vapour, but also for CO2, hydrocarbons, oxygen, and virtually every other non-prohibited* gas or vapour.

Airtightness and vapour permeability form a formidable duo, conserving energy, managing moisture, and profoundly influencing the environment within a building and the well-being of its inhabitants. While these two metrics serve different purposes, Versaperm's innovative system capitalizes on a shared underlying physical principle to measure both, resulting in potential cost savings compared to conventional testing methods.

The system also provides the option to replicate a broad spectrum of climatic and environmental conditions, enabling users to simulate diurnal and seasonal cycles, and even emulate specific climates and warming scenarios as needed.

In addition to the state-of-the-art equipment, Versaperm offers laboratory and consultancy services to companies requiring sample testing on an irregular basis.


* E.g.  Radon is a proscribed gas and it is only legal to measure it in properly licenced and safe laboratories.


*  Proscribed, dangerous and poisonous gasses can only be used or measured in specially licenced facilities.

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