Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Optimizing MAP Packaging
to Increase Food's Shelf Life

MAP Packaging Increases Food's Shelf Life

Vapour permeability measurements play a crucial role in improving the shelf life of MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) products by providing insights into a pack’s ability to maintain the desired atmosphere within the package. Despite a potential to extend the shelf life of many products, some by up to 800%, many companies have not fully optimized their packaging.¬† This is often due to historical challenges where it was perceived as too difficult, time-consuming, unreliable, or costly.

Versaperm addresses this challenge with its groundbreaking multi-chamber mass-spectroscopy-based instrument designed to revolutionize packaging optimization. This innovative system measures permeability not only for water vapour but also for any vapour, carrier gas, or gas mixture simultaneously. The system accommodates testing on filled, sealed packs, as well as flat sample materials.

Different food products require very different and even diametrically opposed barrier properties to prevent or encourage gas exchange with the surrounding environment.  Additionally, the manufacturing processes can alter material permeability by a factor of four so in-package testing is usually required.

By accurately measuring a material’s permeability for MAP gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, manufacturers can determine and contain the most suitable gas composition for each specific food product. This slows down microbial growth, enzymatic reactions and the oxidative processes that lead to food deterioration.

The equipment can optionally control environmental factors such as temperature and humidity which influence the permeability of packaging materials across the packaging, logistics and retailing chains.

Coupled with advancements in materials, laminating, and deposition techniques, this technology also empowers companies to custom-design the ideal packaging material for their products. The result? dramatic extensions in product shelf life, enhanced freshness, and preservation of taste.

For those seeking expedited solutions, Versaperm offers a permeability measurement service, ensuring swift access to critical data and insights.


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