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Problems with MAP packaging
Foam streaks, pinholes and pits

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In theory MAP packaging is a brilliant way to prolong the shelf life of fruit, vegetables and a wide range of food products.  Sadly, it doesn’t always live up to its potential due to manufacturing problems in films such as pinholes, pits and foam streaks.  These increase the flow of all vapours both ways through the films and reduce shelf life.

The solution is twofold and Versaperm permeability measurement systems enables both of them.  First you need to create, or choose, a film which matches the individual vapour flow needs of your product. Second you must quality control the manufacturing process or check your Goods Inward film supply.  Defects affect all MAP gasses including oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapour, ethylene, nitrogen, aromatics and others.  

Versaperm’s MAP vapour permeability equipment can measure the permeability of any film.  This highlights any effect from foam streaks, pinholes or pits etc. with just a single measurement.  It also gives separate results for each gas.  Sorting the materials and manufacturing extends some product’s shelf lives by a factor of x8 !

The system is ideal for both development and quality control environments.  It can measure the vapour permeability of several different products at the same time and is ideal for both single material and multiple-laminated MAP packaging.

Accuracies are in the Parts Per Million (PPM) to PPB ranges and, the system can be used on filled, complete, sealed packs as well as on film samples.  It can control a wide range of environmental (temperature, pressure and saturation) conditions. 

One Versaperm technique for measuring MAP packaging is the Differential Pressure Method – which has the advantage of not needing a gas-specific sensor as it is based on the measurement of a pressure difference. This means it can be used for almost any gas.

Versaperm also offers consultancy and permeability measurement services.  


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