Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


From Pizzas to Pumpkins, or how to improve your shelf life

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 It’s surprising just how often modified atmosphere packaging (MAP, EMAP, MA/MH) doesn’t use the right film for packaging – it can be incredibly effective (producing 3 to 8 times the shelf life for most vegetables but it depends critically on the precise contents.  However, the optimum conditions vary according to the product type, processing, ripening degree, time of harvest and much more.  

In the past, measuring the water vapour, Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide permeability’s of the films and packaging that create this effect, was a difficult and time-consuming task.  Fortunately, Versaperm’s MK VI permeability meter measures them quickly, easily and accurately.  It can optionally measure most other gases as well.

The Versaperm MK VI equipment has an automated computerised control which can cope with several samples at a time giving water vapour results that can be accurate to better than one part per million.  

If produce is packed with films where the permeability is too low, Oxygen levels will be below the optimal, and CO2 levels too high. This allows taints to develop and the pack may not smell fresh when opened.  Where permeability is low and normal respiration cannot be sustained, fresh produce will start to ferment generating unpleasant “off-flavours” and odours.  This greatly reduces shelf life and can even become a food safety hazard.

Versaperm also offers a laboratory and QC testing service for companies where dedicated equipment is not required.