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Modified Atmosphere Packaging - WVTR Meter

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Technology leader Versaperm has produced a new brochure on the equipment used to measure the crucial packaging permeability – which controls the modified atmosphere effect and increased shelf life.  Subjecting fresh produce to an oxygen concentration that is too low and/or where CO2 is too high, causes MA stress (Modified Atmosphere) which directly reduces shelf life.
The Versaperm MK VI system has an highly automated computerised control which can cope with several packaging samples at a time.   Traditionally, measuring the all important O and CO2 permeability of films has been a difficult and long-winded task.  Fortunately it can now be done easily and quickly with the new equipment. The basic instrument measures water vapour permeability (the single most important measurement) and options are available to measure Oxygen (O), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and a variety of other gases.

A sample testing service is also available from the company. 


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