Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


A Fast & New Gas Permeability Meter
O2, CO2, nitrogen, hydrocarbons and water vapour

    O2, CO2, nitrogen, hydrocarbons and water vapour vapour permeability


Versaperm has designed and launched a new instrument that can measure a material, sample, product or component's permeability for almost any gas or gases – including O2, CO2, nitrogen, hydrocarbons and water vapour. 

Ideal for both R&D and production environments, the Versaperm MS meter is fast, easy to use, reliable and can produce accurate measurements in just half an hour for many materials.  Conventional (gravimetric) techniques can take days, or even weeks to measure the same thing.

The Versaperm MS offers an highly automated computerised control and can measure several samples at a time, giving results that are typically accurate in the PPM (Parts Per Million) to PPB ranges.

A wide variety of options are available, depending on the precise applications, but an additional range of detectors, single or multi-sample systems and a range of measurement chambers can be supplied for testing samples from the size of a thimble up to a pallet load and beyond!

In addition to manufacturing the instruments, Versaperm runs a laboratory testing service for companies whose volume of measurements does not require a dedicated instrument.

Systems from the Versaperm family of permeability meters are currently used by companies, universities and national Standard Testing laboratories across the globe.


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