Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Optimising food packaging
can dramatically extend shelf life

Optimising food packagingthrough vapour control


Preserving the quality of food and extending shelf life is a major goal in food production and optimizing packaging, especially using multi-layer, multi-function films (etc.) is predominantly the best solution. To achieve this the Versaperm MS is the ideal way to analyse the critical characteristic or vapour permeability, of these materials.

Versaperm also produces equipment that precisely measures the way foods such as fruit and vegetables respire, what gasses they produce and in what quantities.  These are mainly water vapour, oxygen, CO2, nitrogen and the plant hormone ethylene.  Ethylene plays a key role in plant growth and development, and it is a major regulator of stress responses.

The Versaperm system is versatile, fast, simple to use and offers accuracies in the PPM (Parts per Million) to PPB ranges.  It optionally uses a mass spectrometer which is able to identify and measure vapour permeability for any gas or vapour including water vapour, oxygen, nitrogen, ethylene, CO2 plus the inert noble gasses. What’s more it measures all of them individually with just one overall measurement.

It works on both single material samples and compound laminated material as well as fully finished and packaged products. This gives developers and manufacturers the ability to test their products and packaging t that give them the best combination of properties that they need to optimize any products’ packaging.

A multi-chamber option measures multiple samples, films, products, materials, or packages at the same time. 

As well as developing and manufacturing the equipment, the company runs consultancy and laboratory services that offer advice on permeability in complex cases or where the volume or logistics do not mandate a dedicated instrument.



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