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strength, shelf life & printability without wrap-rages

    Packaging Protection & Permeability


The twin roles of packaging are protection and promotion, in all their many forms.  This includes strength, printability and, most crucially protection against water, especially water vapour, and a host of other shelf life reducing or extending gasses.   Usually the single most critical factor behind all of these in the real world is the vapour permeability of the packaging.

Versaperm's latest vapour permeability measurement equipment has made testing and measuring this both faster and a whole lot more flexible.

Versaperm now offers both universal and packaging specific systems that not only give fast and accurate measurements but their multiple chambers and sensors give the flexibility to use the system for both development and quality control work, as well as making it dedicated to either specific or general packaging needs.

Other products from Versaperm also offer the ability to avoid the wrap-rage caused by packaging that you can't tear open. This is not just an annoying nuisance but can be a real problem - according to Which? magazine "..four in ten people say they have hurt themselves while trying to open packaging in the last two years."  

The vapour permeability equipment works on all materials, including coatings, laminates, films, cards and plastics as well on complete and finished packages or containers. This is often critically important as manufacturing processes such as thermoforming, folding, moulding etc. can easily change the package's vapour permeability by a factor of four. 

As well as manufacturing the instruments, Versaperm can provide a technical consultancy service and a permeability testing service for companies where the need to test packaging or materials is on an irregular basis.


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