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Packaging's peel strength twinned with altitude testing
Packaging that either bursts or can't be opened

Packaging's peel strength twinned with altitude testing
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When a package's seal is too strong it is almost impossible to open, too weak makes it liable to burst and spill its contents, transporting it at too high an altitude can do the same thing.   The answer is the SIV seal, burst and altitude multi-test system from Versaperm.

The Versaperm SIV is non-destructive (except when burst-testing!), and can even test the seal strength of a bag when it is inside a box. It has a built-in altitude test system to give the user the tools to simulate the pressure-changing journey of the pack as it is transported at the low pressures and high altitudes that arise where products are sent airfreight or on high-altitude trucks.

The system has been designed to eliminate burst and spoiled packaging and is fully compliant with CE and ISO 9001 standards.  It can give a simple pass /  fail test result or feed results into a company's quality control system allowing it to spot even minor trends early and stop them before they become a problem.

Defective packaging seals dramatically reduce the shelf-life and the quality of products such as snacks, foods and medicines.  The Versaperm system allows you to balance the competing demands of manufacturing and transportation with a consumer's ability to open the pack afterwards.  


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