Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Testing service identifies Paper Defects and Development problems

Testing service identifies Paper Defects and Development problems

Versaperm has introduced a cutting-edge testing service to uncover defects and enhance coating development in the paper and card industries.

The service is designed to both revolutionize the composition of coatings within the expansive paper and card industry as well as to analyse and help overcome foam streaks, pinholes, pits and other manufacturing defects. Despite the paper and coatings sectors evolving into multi-billion-pound industries, they persistently need to deal with substandard performance.

Versaperm's state-of-the-art laboratory-based testing employs its latest ultra-sensitive multi-gas instrument, dedicated to detecting and analysing vapour permeability, the root cause of most of the issues in this area. The testing process is fast, efficient and precise, boasting accuracies within the Parts Per Million (PPM) to Parts Per Billion (PPB) ranges.

This service plays a pivotal role in both the advancement of coatings development and the quantitative assessment of manufacturing defects

Versaperm's testing service not only measures vapour permeability for water vapour but extends its capabilities to oxygen, CO2, hydrocarbons, inert noble gases and all other legally applicable gases or vapours1, helping to provide comprehensive solutions to industry challenges.

The physical attributes of paper or card materials are predominantly influenced by the vapour permeability of the coating. Versaperm's cutting-edge systems can test up to six coatings, samples, components, or products at a time and can, sometimes, deliver initial results in as little as 30 minutes.

In addition to paper and coatings, the versatile system is adept at measuring the permeability of films, laminates, foils, sealed packages, and finished cartons.

Versaperm's testing service marks a significant leap forward in addressing industry challenges, providing an indispensable tool for developers and manufacturers who strive for excellence in their products.


  1. Radiogenic, poisonous and dangerous gases can only be used in specially licensed facilities and require special protocols.

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