Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Performance boosting your optical fibres

Performance boosting your optical fibres

If you are using optical fibres for long distance data transmission, or as a sensor, the critical property is always the vapour permeability.  And this is where Versaperm equipment can make a huge difference.

Optical fibres are especially vulnerable to vapour permeability problems, particularly for underground or underwater applications.  Not only is the strength of polymer coated fibres dependant on their permeability, but also effected is the spectral shift response of optical whispering-gallery modes which is due to the adsorption and desorption of water molecules.  Versaperm’s specialist measurement equipment can make a huge difference.

Versaperm’s latest systems measure the vapour permeability of fibre products and their casings both quickly and with an accuracy well into the Parts Per Million (PPM) range – in some applications it can reach PPB accuracies.   This is particularly important as manufacturing processes can easily affect a material’s vapour permeability by a factor of four times! Published permeability tables simply don’t take this into account.

The equipment can determine vapour permeability for water vapour or virtually any other gas or gaseous mixture – including measurements in exotic environments, high or low temperatures, acidic conditions or immersed in hydrocarbons.  It can also control a wide range of physical conditions from temperature (-80 C to over +1100 C ), pressure (0-300 bar), partial pressure and humidity. 

In addition to designing, manufacturing and supplying the equipment to laboratories, including National Standards laboratories and QC departments, Versaperm offers both laboratory testing and consultancy services.


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