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When is a Building’s Barrier not a Barrier?

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Vapour barriers have become critical factors in the design of every modern building – not just to control the flow of moisture but for a host of other gases such as Methane, CO2 as well.  The same controls are also needed on the barrier-seal in double glazing.  All too often these barriers aren’t perfect and don’t perform in the real world in  the way we expect them to. The only solution is testing – and that’s where Versaperm comes in.
Versaperm is a world leader in vapour permeability technology and its new equipment and sensor ranges allows it to test almost any vapour barrier or structure both quickly and accurately to ensure building regulations are met.  Traditionally such measurements on material and structures take days, or even weeks, and are expensive and of variable accuracy.  Versaperm reduces the time needed to as little as thirty minutes for some materials, as well as considerably improving reliability.
Versaperm’s equipment is unusual as it can measure anything from thin films to complete wall structures, including laminates, timber, felts, adhesives, mastics and other sealing or structural materials.

Additionally, the company offers a sample testing service and technical consultancy to the building industry. 


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