Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Permeability: Paint, Products & Plaster
For vapour barriers and all other building materials and structures

    Permeability: Paint, Products & Plaster


Versaperm has introduced a dual purpose machine to measure both the airtightness and vapour permeability of building materials, barrier layers, structures or coatings.  Both of these measurements relate to permeability but in different ways and need to comply with separate building regulations and guidelines. 

These two measurements are the key to successful regulation of a building's internal environment and Versaperm's system gives precise measurements at lower costs than conventional testing.

Vapour flow controls everything from ground remediation and damp courses, through to building materials and structures – and from plasterboard to paint, plastics, properties and people.   It affects both the viability of a building's structure and the health of people who live and work inside. 

The system can be used on finished building products, samples, barriers and coatings as well as structures.  It is fast, accurate, easy to use and reliable.

Failure to manage the vapour flow into and out of buildings has been shown to be linked to dust mites, asthma and allergies as well as the collapse of buildings.

Versaperm is a world-technology leader and offers, as well as the equipment, a fast turn-around building products lab testing service for companies with an infrequent need for testing.  Results are typically produced within 24 hours.


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