Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Boosting Quality and Efficacy
in Medical, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products

edical, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare Products

Water vapour contamination, the world's most damaging contaminant, poses a real threat to medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare products, and gases (anaesthetic, O2 etc). Its insidious permeation impacts these products directly and introduces a risk of contamination from chemical and biological toxins.  These compromises both potency and shelf-life.

To overcome this critical challenge, Versaperm’s advanced MKVI system is designed to identify and help overcome problems by precisely measuring the vapour permeability of products not only for water vapour but also for virtually any other gas. The innovative system achieves accuracies in the Parts per Million (PPM) to Parts Per Billion ranges, offering versatile applications across capsules, packaging, tubes, jars, containers and a spectrum of products ranging from O2 and anaesthetic gas pipelines to injectables, gloves, and clean peel systems.

The latest Versaperm systems accelerate the pursuit of quality control and effective packaging, with results obtainable in as little as 30 minutes for select materials and gases. This both enhances efficiency and quality assurance and allows businesses quickly to introduce new marketing and technical features, keeping them at the forefront of innovation.

Versaperm's system can measure multiple samples, products and pipelines simultaneously, in addition, Versaperm offers a comprehensive technical consultancy and laboratory testing service, catering for companies that only have limited testing needs. Versaperm remains committed to revolutionizing the assessment of vapour permeabilities, ensuring the highest standards in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.


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