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QC or not QC
That is the question

QC or not QC- plastics permeability


Water vapour is the world’s most damaging contaminant.  It causes food to rot, metal to rust, electronics to fail and drugs to lose potency.  Oxygen, CO2, hydrocarbons and other vapours cause legions of other problems, but all of these can be dramatically reduced by quality controlling materials, products and packaging.

Traditionally this is hard and can often take weeks for a single measurement, Versaperm’s latest high-speed vapour permeability testing equipment for QC can measure it for every common vapour*.   For some materials and gasses it can take as little as thirty minutes.

The equipment can test and measure vapour permeability not just for virtually any material but also for products, components, films, laminates, formed components, seals and packaging. 

It is important to be able to measure both material samples and finished products as manufacturing processes, such as thermoforming, often change a package’s permeability by several hundred percent!

Results are accurate in the parts per million (PPB) to parts per billion ranges depending on the material and vapour.  Where desired Versaperm can also control environmental conditions such as temperature and pressure, even across diurnal and seasonal cycles.

Versaperm also offers laboratory testing consultancy services to manufacturing and packaging companies, universities, and national standards laboratories around the world.

* Poisonous and radioactive gasses can only be legally measured in properly certified laboratories.


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