Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Quality Control for
Multi-billion pound problem gases

Quality Control for problem gasses

Water, hydrocarbons, oxygen and CO2 vapours cause massive problems worldwide – especially when they seep into the wrong place.  Water vapour is the world’s most damaging contaminate and costs the UK several billion pounds a year.  Vapours can permeate through every material and container.  They make electronics fail, food rot, seals leak, machinery stick and pharmaceuticals to lose potency.

To help overcome the problem Versaperm has introduced a multi-gas, multi-application, multi-environment system that quickly measures the vapour permeability of materials, products, samples or components for any gas or gases. This is important as manufacturing processes such as, heating, bending or thermoforming can alter the vapour permeability of materials and finished products by several hundred percent.

The Versaperm meter can produce results within 30 minutes to 24 hours, instead of the weeks taken by conventional testing techniques.  It can test and measure this vapour permeability for virtually any material or product including films, laminates, formed components, seals and packaging.  Permeability can be measured not just for common water vapour problems but for oxygen, carbon dioxide, petrochemicals and all other non-proscribed gases*.

Where desired Versaperm can also control environmental conditions such as temperature and pressure, even across diurnal and seasonal cycles.

Versaperm also offers laboratory testing consultancy services to manufacturing and packaging companies, universities, and national standards laboratories around the world.


*  Proscribed, dangerous and poisonous gasses can only be used or measured in specially licenced facilities.

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