Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Revolutionizing Paper & Coatings Quality
Resolving Defects and Advancing Development

Revolutionizing Paper & Coatings Quality

The integrity of paper and card, alongside their printability and handling characteristics, hinges on vapour permeability. Even coatings, while commonly used, often fall short in addressing issues caused by foam streaks, pinholes, and pits. This poses a significant quality challenge for the industry, especially with the rise of environmentally sensitive biopolymer coatings. Fortunately, Versaperm has the solution.

The underlying issue is water vapour infiltrating the paper, altering its fundamental properties. Versaperm presents a range of cutting-edge systems designed to pinpoint, measure, and quality control precisely to help control this. Their latest ultra-sensitive multi-gas instruments, is tailored for papers and coatings and delivers swift and highly precise measurements. Accuracy levels extend from Parts Per Million (PPM) to Parts Per Billion (PPB), with a potential paper performance enhancement of up to fivefold.

This system not only evaluates the vapour permeability of coatings against water vapour but also against oxygen, CO2, hydrocarbons, inert noble gases, and any other legally measurable gas or vapour*. Furthermore, by detecting changes inadvertently introduced by the manufacturing process, the system proves invaluable for both development and quality control.

The physical attributes of paper or card materials are primarily defined by the coating’s vapour permeability. Versaperm's systems are adept at examining this for up to six coatings, samples, components, or products in a single run.  Sometimes this takes as little as 30 minutes. A single measurement suffices to determine individual vapour permeability for all gases being assessed.

In addition to paper and coatings, the system can also evaluate the permeability of films, laminates, foils, as well as sealed and finished cartons.

* Radiogenic, poisonous, and dangerous gases necessitate specialized licensing and protocols for use in designated facilities.


* E.g.  Radon is a proscribed gas and it is only legal to measure it in properly licenced and safe laboratories.


*  Proscribed, dangerous and poisonous gasses can only be used or measured in specially licenced facilities.

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