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Wrap Rage
The delicate balance between packs that you can't tear open and those that burst before you even get to them

Seal strength Wrap Rage testing
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"Wrap rage" is real, growing and even covered on Wikipedia. If a seal is too strong, for example on a snack, pharmaceutical or cornflake package, it becomes almost impossible to open and can lead to real frustration.  If it is too weak it is liable to burst open and spoil the contents.   The answer is Versaperm's latest computer controlled, automated, off-line SIV seal and burst strength tester.

The equipment is non-destructive, fully compliant with CE and ISO 9001 standards and virtually guaranteed to eliminate both wrap rage and its opposite - burst and spoiled packaging.  The system can test the seal strength of a bag even when it is inside a box!

Not only can the SIV seal and burst strength tester check the strength of a package's seal, but it also lets the user simulate what happens to the pack when it is transported at the low pressures and high altitudes that arise when products are shipped by air.

According to Which? magazine1 "..four in ten people say they have hurt themselves while trying to open packaging in the last two years. That's a staggering 25 million people if we scale that up to the UK population."  Wrap Rage has become very common.

Defective seals can dramatically shorten both the active shelf-life and the quality of consumable products such as foodstuffs and medicines.  The Versaperm system allows you to balance the competing demands of the manufacturing environment, transportation and consumer satisfaction, by precise measurement and tracking.  As a bonus, the process is non-destructive (except where a product fails the test!).

Results can link into an existing QC system to produce statistical results and allow the manufacturer to spot trends early and prevent them from becoming problems.

To take a measurement the operator simply selects an item's code and closes the chamber door.  A signal indicates a pass or fail for each test and the system includes a "Seal Burst" test mode to ensure a package can meet a minimum force without failing.

Seal strength walks the line between protecting the contents and causing Wrap Rage and the Versaperm SIV Seal and Burst strength tester can resolve this balance.  As they say in the film industry "That's a wrap!"


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