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UK Product launch SIV III for Seal Integrity Verification

Seal Integrity Verification
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Versaperm, a technology leader in packaging testing, is launching the SIV III Packaging Seal Integrity Checker into the UK and Europe’s food, electronics medical and pharmaceutical markets.  The system ensures that seals are strong enough to hold, but gentle enough to allow for easy opening.

Defective seals dramatically slash the shelf-life and quality of both foods and pharmaceuticals and can also cause early failure of electronic products.  Balancing these factors in a manufacturing environment demands careful measurement and tracking. Seal verification provides this data and is usually non-destructive.

Leakage parameters are programmed into the SIV III and the operator simply selects a code for the product under test and closes the chamber door.  Lights then signal a pass or fail for each test.  The system can examine the seal strength of a bag or even of a bag inside of box.

Additionally, a “Seal Burst” test mode is available to ensure the package meets a minimum force without failing.  The SIV III enables a company to analyse its failure percentages, strength distribution, maximum peel force, burst pressure and how all these vary with temperature. A dedicated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) provides both automatic test cycle sequencing and data analysis.

The SIV III is CE Certified for sales across the European Market.


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