Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

The Danger of Water
Solar panels, LEDs and OLEDs

Solar panels, LEDs and OLEDs-  water vapour


All optoelectronic products, from solar panels, LEDs and OLEDs. on to traffic lights, flexible screens and fibre optics have a problem.  Water.  Even minute amounts in the wrong place can change, damage and destroy them1. 

To give these products a reasonable working life, manufacturers are forced to employ highly specialised multi-layered barrier coatings.  And their water vapour barrier properties need highly sensitive checking.  Tiny changes in layer thickness, pinholes and a host of other factors can cause ruin, not least because the manufacturing process itself can dramatically change the ability of water to permeate through them, and that’s where Versaperm comes in. 

Versaperm has developed specific techniques and instrumentation for measuring these materials, layers and coatings both individually and as compound structures.  It can optionally determine both water, oxygen or any other vapour permeability.

The system can also detect and characterize the pinholes that are almost invariably produced during the manufacture of these protective barriers.

Versaperm offers an advanced, fast and efficient way to test and measure vapour permeability of new barrier films and sealants. The system is easy to use, fast and extremely accurate.

Results are typically accurate in the Parts Per Million (PPM) to PPB range and can be produced for several samples, screens or enclosures at the same time.  It can measure them under a wide range of environmental conditions.

The extreme sensitivity of modern flexible, curved or standard screens and optoelectronic devices to water and oxygen means that the vapour permeability of every layer and structure must be determined and controlled.

As well as equipment Versaperm also offers a laboratory service for companies that only need to test samples on an irregular bas


1 Even for seemingly inert optic fibres where it physically changes their attenuation rates and sensor characteristics.

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