Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

A measurement to help solve problems AND reduce waste in manufacturing industries

solve problems AND reduce waste

Vapour permeability, though seemingly obscure, is the root cause of several billion pounds in waste annually in the UK alone. Its impact spans a multitude of serious issues for businesses, from leaky seals and failing electronics to rot, rust, decay, seriously reduced efficiency and even product failure.

Versaperm, a leader in permeability testing instrumentation, empowers manufacturing industries to address these challenges effectively while enhancing product quality. With the ability to measure the permeability of both material samples and finished products with exceptional accuracy and sensitivity, Versaperm's instrumentation enables designers and manufacturers to select and refine materials and processes to circumvent problems.  It also allows quality control staff to verify both incoming materials and outgoing products.

Permeability, as a measure of the rate of flow of a gas or vapour through a material or system, significantly impacts a product’s or material's mechanical, physical, and handling properties.  It also governs the shelf life of food and pharmaceuticals.

Versaperm's latest instrument can deliver permeability measurements in as little as 30 minutes for certain materials and gases, with accuracy commonly reaching the Parts Per Million (PPM) range. Versatile in its capabilities, the instrument can assess multiple samples, seals, enclosures, or products simultaneously and can be configured to measure permeability with respect to any non-proscribed gas, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, helium and nitrogen.

Versaperm's commitment to driving efficiency, reducing waste and enhancing quality underscores its pivotal role in assisting manufacturing industries in overcoming permeability challenges and achieving operational excellence.


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