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Sealing your fate
 Solving Critical Manufacturing and Materials Permeability Problems

Solving Critical Manufacturing and Materials Permeability Problem

Moisture and gasses that leak through joints, materials, enclosures and components cost the UK several billion pounds every year.  Problems range from electronics that fail, to drugs that lose potency, equipment that jams, products that “go-off” and a whole set of problems caused by things that don’t seal properly.  Versaperm’s latest permeability measurement testing and measurement equipment can help solve these problems.

Gasses, such as water vapour can all “permeate” through seals and materials, even when they are totally impermeable to liquids, sometimes with alarming ease.  But this can be determined, minimised and optimised using measurements from Versaperm’s equipment.

The new system uses a mass spectrometer and other techniques to count, effectively one by one, the molecules and atoms as they pass through a material, barrier, seal, gasket or product. The computer-controlled systems are highly automated making them easy and quick to use.

Versaperm’s range of systems can measure the problem for just about any vapour barrier or structure and any gas1 – including water vapour, CO2, hydrocarbons, greases and oxygen.  It is fast, accurate and gives consistent results over a wide range of physical conditions.  Accuracies are usually in the Parts Per Million (PPM) to Parts Per Billion range.

The systems can include full control of environmental conditions over an exceptionally wide range of temperatures and pressures.

Versaperm also offers a laboratory testing service and technical consultancy for companies that test too few samples to make the purchase of equipment viable.   


  1. Radiogenic, poisonous and dangerous gases can only be used in specially licensed facilities and require special protocols.


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