Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Vapour Permeability Consultancy: Solving multi-Billion Pounds of Problems

Vapour Permeability Consultancy: Solving multi-Billion Pounds of Problems

Vapour permeability problems cost several Billion pounds every year in the UK alone!  Failed sensors, ruined electronics, wasted food, spoiled medicines and a very wide range of other issues that affect almost every industry – all are affected by these problems.   

Versaperm, a world-technology leader in the area, runs a technical permeability consultancy plus a testing laboratory and manufacturing facility.  No only has it resolved issues and advised companies across the world, but its equipment is used in national standards testing laboratories, universities and research establishments.

Common serious issues include food freshness, electronic failures, coatings and water-proofing, decreasing drug potency, packaging difficulties, seals that fail and machinery that jams. The service was designed to help and offer advice to companies to help resolve these and other difficulties. 

Permeability problems are widespread and often both the cause and solutions seem to be counter-intuitive”, said Technical Director Chris Roberts, “for example, you may think a product made from silicone would be waterproof – and it is against water as a liquid.  But water as a vapour can pass straight through it almost as if it wasn’t there.”

The Versaperm Consultancy specialises in the development and practical use of modern materials, methods and real-world production problems.  The company has several decades of technical experience and is usually able to provide answers quickly and efficiently.

The consultancy also advises on materials testing and, if required, can design and produce custom equipment to meet specific needs. Lastly, the consultancy offers a quick turn-around vapour permeability measurement service.


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