Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Steel, coatings and permeability
Problems for skyscrapers, bridges, tunnels, dams and buildings

Steel, coatings and permeability

Steel buildings and structures can be very strong, but they also have a weakness.  Moisture.  Moisture has the ability to pass through any material – it’s called “vapour permeability” and once it passes through it can create problems, damage, corrosion, weakness and sometimes complete structural failure.  Keeping liquid water out is relatively easy – but preventing water permeating in or out as a vapour is physically impossible, considering a building’s long lifetime.  Worse still, once through it condenses and is trapped as a liquid.

There is no perfect solution – but you can reduce the problem with optimised coatings, claddings and materials. And that’s where Versaperm’s ultra-sensitive range of Vapour Permeability Meters comes in.

Sadly, the problem can be even worse than expected as it is not only affected by materials and environments, but also by the way any cladding, coatings or barriers are manufactured and applied.  The only answer is testing and quality control.

Versaperm vapour permeability system measures this effect with an accuracy in the Parts Per Million (PPM) to PPB range.  It can also measure the vapour permeability for acidic, reactive and any other gases as well as all common capours such as oxygen, moisture and carbon dioxide. It can also control and measure results that cycle through environmental, diurnal and seasonal conditions.

As well as designing, manufacturing and supplying the equipment, Versaperm also offers a laboratory-based vapour permeability measurement service and a technical consultancy.



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