Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


for the European food packaging marketplace

- When Seals Must Not Fail ..or O-rings, Mastics & Enclosures
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Versaperm's "Gemco Tensile Test system" (or "Peel") enables the seal or peel strength of packaging checked ormeasured.  This is a critical parameter as package needs to be relatively easy to open but, until it is open, it needs to be strong enough protect and preserve the contents of the pack, thus extending the shelf life.

The system, which is aimed at the food, confectionary and pharmaceutical markets already well known in US markets, has become Versaperm's exclusive responsibility for sales, manufacture and servicing throughout the UK and Europe.

The seal of products ranging from cereal packets to wound dressings needs to keep out contaminants and keep products fresh, yet also to be easy to open.  Getting, and keeping this right significantly boosts the customer satisfaction and this, in turn, has a positive impact on sales.

The Gemco Tensile Test system can be used in sterile environments and weighs less than 13kg.  It is easy to move from line to line in a production facility and is ideal for both quality control and general inspection.  All it needs is power to work flawlessly. 

A sample of the packaging is clamped in place with one side attached to a load cell.   Then an actuator stretches the seal and the controller display the maximum force needed to tear it.
The unit can travel up to a maximum of 2500mm per minute whilst applying a force of 15 kg, which allows even unusually strong packaging to be tested.


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