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The Permeability of Sport & Fashion Breathable Textiles

The Permeability of Sport & Fashion Breathable Textiles The Permeability of Sport & Fashion Breathable Textiles
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The only thing you can be sure about the fashion and sports industries is that they are always on the move.  The continual drive for new styles and ever higher-performance materials gives rise to the constant need for testing the weather and water-proof "breathability" (vapour permeability) of new and improved textiles - and that's where Versapem's two ranges of textile permeability testers comes in.

The ISO standard for measuring the vapour permeability of textiles is based on the traditional gravimetric technique - which usually takes several weeks to produce a single reading, and this is not compatible with the needs of this fast moving market.

So Versaperm has introduced two types of instrument, one gravimetric to meet the demands of the ISO standard and the other a hugely faster instrumental technique, which can produce results in as little as a few hours for some fabrics!

The instrumental technique, which offers accuracies that are typically in the PPM range, is designed for both rapid product development and to ensure the quality control of textiles and garments. The alternative gravimetric system guarantees that the results meet the ISO standard where this is important for legal or marketing reasons. 

Weatherproof fabrics are typically plain weaves with yarns coated with a durable, water repellent finish.  Many also have a microporous or monolithic film, coating or bicomponent combination.  Today, these materials are produced in massive quantities worldwide. 

Where a company's throughput is not high enough to warrant a dedicated instrument, Versaperm also offers a fast turnaround laboratory measurement and consultancy service.



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